Meet John Kemp

A proven new option in successful Real Estate for the Tri City area, John delivers the quality, service and results most commonly associated with Beverly Hills, West Vancouver and high priced homes around the world. He represents clients with varying Real Estate portfolios but one commonality, they want service from a top professional. He has set records since his first year in Real Estate and is often asked to teach, coach and lead teams with his methods and practices. John reserves his time and expertise exclusively for his clients and their properties.  

As a perfectionist in his business, John has surrounded himself with the top professionals in multiple industries to ensure nothing but the best in all aspects of Real Estate transactions for his clients. These business leaders are the people John refers to as his team because they are the best at what they do. This allows John to do what he does best, showcasing homes and working directly with the global community that is Greater Vancouver, building relationships and negotiating to make your deals happen. 

As a graduate of both Simon Fraser University and The University of British Columbia, a former collegiate and international athlete and a Coach and Instructor in multiple sports and Business', John developed a successful sales and management career across many disciplines. He rose through the ranks of several major international companies prior to launching into marketing and selling quality homes in his local community.

John grew up on the BC coast fishing, skiing, biking, hiking and always having fun around the water or in the mountains and still enjoys time outside with his wife and kids. John has called the Tri Cities home for over 25yrs and now proudly raises his family here. 

                    "Please feel free to contact me personally at any time. It would be my pleasure to meet with you."



In today's highly competitive rapidly changing market, it's critical to employ the services of a real estate professional who truly understands the importance in every detail of marketing properties of all types as well as their role as an agent in the sale of your home. By working with the very best in advertising and marketing I am confident to make the commitment to each of my clients that their property will achieve maximize exposure because I offer one of the finest real estate marketing programs in our city. I am very proud and excited to showcase these services to all of my clients. I truly believe they are getting the very best.


Today's market, driven by online technologies, changes daily and as your exclusive buyer's agent I will keep you updated and educated on the latest market trends and new properties as they become available. I will assist and consult with you through every step of the process and when it comes down to making important decisions and negotiating the best value for you, my research, knowledge and experience are immediately available and put to work on your behalf. As my client, you will have access to me and receive my personal attention throughout the process of purchasing. 


Marketing The Tri Cities

Professional Photography

First impressions are everything. I am very excited to offer my clients the very best in magazine quality, high-resolution photography by Vancouver’s top real estate photographer.

Dynamic True Video Tours

With many of today's buyers coming from across the globe, it's not uncommon for those buyer's to send a representative or family member to preview a home on their behalf. True Video tours allow the buyer to see and connect with your home from anywhere in the world, giving your listing the exposure it deserves.

Custom Listing Brochures

Knowing my clients have put a significant amount of time, effort and money into making their home perfect, I believe that the hard work and attention to detail should not end there. Once listed, your home will receive magazine quality brochures containing photos, floor plans and detailed information about your home that buyers can take and review later.

Creative Advertising Team

I am proud to partner with Brixwork Real Estate Marketing in delivering innovative, creative marketing plans to my clients. Working with the very best in marketing and advertising allows me to maximize exposure to your listing bringing in more buyers and leaving a lasting impression on those who view your home both online and in print media.  

Exclusive Agents Open

Personalized invitations, calls to buyers, food, drink, listing packages and guided tours are given to each agent and their buyers at your homes first Agent Open House. Your home will be presented in a professional and polished manor ensuring that the utmost attention is brought to every detail of your homes unique features and attributes.

Sophisticated Web Presence

Working with the best in marketing and advertising, I am proud to offer my clients first-class online marketing services ranging from highly sophisticated SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to eye-catching advertising providing high-quality photos, videos, floor plans and more.